Leading the Way in EV Infrastructure

EVolve NY’s goals are simple: Make EVs easy to own and operate in New York State, and reduce the carbon footprint of the state’s transportation sector. New York has committed to being a leader in EV infrastructure, investing up to $250 million through 2025 to build fast, affordable and reliable charging stations throughout the state so New Yorkers can drive electric with confidence.

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Electric vehicles should be a realistic option in every region of New York State and drivers should know they can charge up quickly and get to their destinations on time.”
– Gil C. Quiniones, NYPA President & CEO

EV Driving Made Easy

With up to 100 chargers installed by the end of 2021 and many more coming on line soon, Evolve NY will enable drivers to travel anywhere in New York State with ease.



Customers can charge their EV in 15-30 minutes, at charging speeds up to 350kw



The fee for NYPA chargers is only $0.35/kwh + tax, with no additional session or idle fees. The average NY driver can save an average of $800 to $1,000 a year on fueling costs over an equivalent gasoline-powered car.



Charging stations will be installed at intervals of 50 miles, on average, with easy and safe access from highway exits. Food, restrooms and shelter also will be within walking distance of each station.


Yes, as long as the vehicle has fast charging capability (virtually every new, fully electric car is capable of fast charging, while plug-in hybrid cars that also have gas tanks tend not to be equipped with fast charging). Tesla vehicles can charge via their CHAdeMO port using an adapter (adapters are available at select charging locations).

Ultimately drivers will be able to travel all of New York State with confidence that a charging station is within 50 miles of their location, on average. Charging stations will be located:

  • Along the state’s major highway corridors, usually within five minutes of the roadway exit
  • In New York City, Yonkers, Albany, Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo

Typically 15-30 minutes. The actual time depends on:

  • How much charge there is in the battery
  • How much charge you want to add to the battery
  • The vehicle’s charging speed (older EV models generally charge at slower rates).

Let’s use an example with a hypothetical price of $0.35 per kWh (the standard unit of energy in your EV’s battery). The largest EV batteries on the market today are nearly 100 kWh. To charge a 100kWh battery from 0% to 100% would cost $35. To charge that same battery from 20% to 80% (80% charge is recommended to optimize battery health) would cost $21 ($0.35/kWh x 60% x 100 kWh =$21).

  • Visa and Mastercard are accepted via chip insert
  • American Express and Discover are accepted via swipe
  • Mobile pay as well as on-line payment through various apps.

Each charging station has a phone number to call for 24/7 help in troubleshooting any charging or payment issues. Peace of mind and reliability are EVolve NY’s top priorities; if users cannot initiate charging themselves, the help line can remotely begin the charging session.

EV Rebates and Tax Credits

It’s a great time to buy an EV in New York with a Drive Clean Rebate for plug-in electric vehicles up to $2,000 for a new car purchase or lease. There’s also a Federal Tax Credit available up to $7,500!

Check with your local utility for rebates related to charging an EV at home.