EVolve NY: A Vision for an Electric Future

More Charging Stations, a More Affordable Option

The New York Power Authority’s EVolve NY program is a key pillar of the state’s plan to become a leader in electric vehicle infrastructure. EVolve NY's goal is to make electric vehicles an affordable, viable option as part of a larger initiative to provide cleaner air for New Yorkers. The initiative includes a major expansion in the state’s fast charging stations, programs to educate consumers about the benefits of EVs, and incentives to promote their adoption. 

EVolve NY by the Numbers

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The New York Power Authority is dedicated through its EVolve NY program to make electric vehicles easy to own in New York State and decarbonizing the state’s transportation sector.
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EVolve NY imagines a future in which the general public and NYPA customers are empowered to purchase EVs as a result of NYPA’s EV infrastructure investments.

EVolve NY aims to animate the private market for charging solutions by demonstrating the business case for charging infrastructure investments.

EVolve NY will install fast chargers throughout the state, and is part of New York State's broader goal to have at least 400 new EV fast charging stations installed through 2025.
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Our fast chargers will be located along major state highway corridors, usually within five minutes of the roadway exit, and will be compatible for all types of current EV models.
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We will install fast charging hubs in the five largest cities outside New York City — Yonkers, Albany, Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo — as well as install charging hubs inside New York City.
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Our program will create EV model communities to test programs to increase EV adoption, such as dealership outreach, customer education, and ride and drives.
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Charging will generally take between 15 and 30 minutes, depending on how empty the EV battery is at the beginning of the charge event, the desired battery charge level and the vehicle’s charging speed (older EV models generally charge at slower rates).
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We will install fast chargers at average intervals of 50 miles along key interstate corridors and in select urban hubs, such as our 10-charger site at JFK Airport.
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In the EVolve NY initiative’s second phase, NYPA will work with partners to increase EVs among public transportation fleets, as well as develop additional public fast charging locations where needed. This includes converting the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s entire bus system to a zero-emissions fleet.
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EVolve NY is just one of the programs to encourage EV use. The state's Drive Clean Rebate, part of the Charge NY initiative, offers a rebate of up to $2,000 for new EV purchases or leases.