How to Reach EVolve NY

We’re Here to Help

The New York Power Authority’s EVolve NY program wants to hear from you as we continue working to become a leader in electric vehicle infrastructure.

For urgent payment and charging issues, we have 24/7 support to help drivers troubleshoot issues while at a charging site. Our customer service representatives can start the charging session remotely if you can’t. See the map below for specific telephone numbers by location.

For general questions, many of the most common ones are answered in the FAQ section on our homepage. If you have other questions or comments about installations of fast electric charging stations throughout the state, EVolve NY events or other activities, reach us at:

  • Online: Fill out the contact form below


Find a Charging Station

To see where we’ve installed fast electric charging stations, telephone numbers for operating stations, and where we’re working on new stations, see the map below.

Charging Station Owner Make-Ready Inquiries

As a participant in New York’s Make-Ready Program Order, EVolve NY provides timely public notice of each site that we identify for commercial development and will require Make-Ready Program funds. Accordingly, other charging station owners can inquire about the details of the potential site locations identified by NYPA (as indicated by the grey icons in the map of planned and operating stations on this webpage) for commercial development.

For questions about EVolve NY development related to the Make-Ready Program, email

Learn About Our Events

EVolve NY maintains a mailing list to inform EV advocates and enthusiasts about upcoming events related to construction of fast electric charging stations and EV charging. To join, simply email your request to